Swords by Starlight is a two-player role-playing game commissioned by Simon & Schuster for The Ultimate Micro-RPG Book. Two heirs to rival space houses meet in the ballroom of the garden world Saros; then, in Act 2, they meet again on the battlefield of a distance planet.

It’s been fifteen cycles since the Stellar Houses negotiated the Armicryst—the truce that allowed us to set aside our rivalries and stand together against the Insignificance, pushing them back beyond the Veil. An heir to your House, you have come of age during a time of delicate peace, constantly tested.

Now, on the fifteenth anniversary of the Armicryst, you journey with your House to the garden planet Saros to celebrate a united humanity, to dance, and to gain what tactical knowledge you can about your rivals.

Swords by Starlight

Stat box

Stat box

Add a die to the pool and probe for information about your partner’s House by:

● Teasing information about your own.

● Praising their House’s recent efforts.

● Flirting with them, though cloak your language in euphemism to avoid a scandal.

● Leading them through a dance move.

Ultimate Micro-RPG Book

Edited by James D'amato, published by Simon & Schuster.

Swords by Starlight is available in The Ultimate Micro-RPG Book.