Charisma Oozer is a collaboration with Aven Elia and is based on Jackson Tegu's Sword Loser. Players tell stories about Melarelle, a slime girl style icon, by drawing articles of clothing (with pens and markers!) and then combining them into outfits.


Illustration by Kelly Ficarra.


“Mela? What’s going on over there?” Vampyra scrunched up her brow. “You’re not getting kicked out again, are you?”

Melarelle extruded herself from the pile of clothes, now wearing a pair of overalls and a sequined bow tie. “Sylvester clawed up one of the landlord’s ancient prophetic tapestries.” The ghost cat emerged from one of the piles and floated lazily to another.

Vampyra sighed. “When do you need to be out?”

“Yesterday! You can help me sort these, can’t you?”

Game map

Mel's social circle

Melarelle and suitcase

Charisma Oozer is available at its itch page.