All My Exes are in Mechsuits is a three-player role-playing game inspired by mech anime. The mechsuit Pilot is torn between their present and their past, represented by the other players as their Mech and their Ex, a former wingmate now flying for the other side.

Exes in Mechsuits illustration

Illustration by @pinacoladapuppy.

Mech character sheet

Cockpit backdrop

Cockpit background for TCAF Comics X Games 2019 by Alenn Predko.

The Mech

"Now, this is a dangerous mission. You might run into Rebellion forces. But work with your mech, with the Chariot, and you’ll be fine. The Chariot’s AI can process one hundred thousand possibilities per second. Whatever course of action it recommends, do it. ‘The Mech knows best.’ Say it with me. ‘The Mech knows best.’ It almost rhymes."

The Mech

All My Exes are in Mechsuits is available at its itch page.