Queers in Love at the End of the World is a ten-second game about spending your final moments with your partner before the world is wiped away. With over 200 passages and time enough to just glimpse a bare few, Queers in Love challenges ideas of game completion and connects them to the precarity of queer love in a straight world.

Ten seconds

"Queers is a game that evokes an itinerant life better than any other I’ve played. It is effectively an interactive love story, but there’s a 10-second timer ticking away in the corner of the screen, limiting the narrative to quick, stolen moments." ~Cara Ellison for The Guardian

Arcade cabinet

Arcade cabinet by We Throw Switches for the Victoria & Albert Museum's Design/Play/Disrupt exhibition. Photo by Laura Kate Dale.

"As they fuck, these few seconds before death, the fantasy that arises is that of becoming the norm, becoming the specimen that defines normality, finally being that which as queers they could never hope to be. But even as a fantasy this is possible only against the backdrop of humanity's total annihilation; even in the imagination only an alien could fail to see the ineradicable queerness of the queer. It is a haunting and beautiful moment. It is also a dagger in the soul." ~Victor Gijsbers

Making out

Queers in Love at the End of the World can be played at its itch page.