The Hexhaver has Logged On is being written for the Strange Lusts / Strange Loves anthology of erotic interactive fiction, which was successfully Kickstarted on November 26, 2020. It touches on themes of sex work, magic, quarantine and apocalypse.


It is 2023. The moon is cursed. Deep Lockdown continues. Quarantined in their homes, except those unfortunate enough to be snatched by the Blue Lives and dragged to Essential Labor, everyone is Desperately Thirsty. It is the perfect time for Fuck Magic. The witch Mallorca knows that there is no ritual component quite as potent as the orgasms of internet randos. If she's able to wring enough of them from her computer, she can use them to finally complete her Great Working: Opening a portal to Hell and summoning a demonic girlfriend.


Illustration by Ami Y. Cai.

Strange Lusts / Strange Loves

"Strange Lusts / Strange Loves is being created in partnership with Strange Horizons and is a spiritual successor to Honey & Hot Wax: An Anthology of Erotic Art Games published by Pelgrane Press. Similarly to Honey & Hot Wax, this anthology celebrates sex positivity and embraces a vast array of sexual identities and types of intimacy. At its core, Strange Lusts / Strange Loves is a collection of interactive literary works that serve as glimpses of some of the ways in which people yearn for, love, touch, and connect with each other."

The Hexhaver Has Logged On will be available in 2021.