Heat from Fire / Fire From Heat was created as part of the Strange Lusts / Strange Loves anthology of erotic interactive fiction. During pandemic lockdown, a camgirl witch reaches across the void - and finds a demon girlfriend she's desperate to bring across to the mortal world. The store was published in Strange Horizons, an online speculative fiction magazine.



Ladies, I hope this group text finds you well. Regretfully, I’ve heard rumors some of you may be experimenting with “sex magic.” I want to remind you that sex magic was a fake discipline popularized by ‘occultists’ like Crowley and other men trying to trick people into performing sex acts with them.

I know things are confusing right now during the pandemic, with Diana and her brother Apollo gone. But please don’t hitch your magical wagon to any fake, chauvinist magical practices. What the world needs now is healers, working true magic.


sex magic?? so gross


whats the problem sex magic sounds dope


Illustration by Curi Lagann.

Renich Viasa Asphodela Avage

Heat from Fire / Fire from Heat can be played at Strange Horizons.