Ghost Burgers is a spooky demonstration adventure game created for Make Your Own Twine Games!. It showcases simple Twine concepts like variables, randomness and embedded passages.

Ghost Burgers

"This is definitely the place," says your best worst friend Astrid. "Look at the crystal ball. It's telling me: There are ghosts in there for sure."

"Do you really trust the antique store owner who sold us that crystal ball?

"I'm sure there was a perfectly normal reason he was laughing maniacally while he sold it to us. Probably he was remembering something really funny he saw on the internet."

You're not convinced that spooky old antiques store even had a working telephone line, much less WiFi.

"Just go in there and find us some evidence of the supernatural," Astrid orders. "Real, solid physical evidence of ghosts. We'll be famous."

Game map

Hand-drawn map from Make Your Own Twine Games!

Archibald Prancibald

Ghost Burgers can be played at its itch page.